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Bird Brain Articles
  • Evolution
  • Forces
  • Structure of Matter
  • Astronomy
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Chemistry of Living Systems
  • Immune System
  • Density and Buoyancy
  • Human Impact
  • Thinking Like a Scientist
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Information and Technology
  • Nervous System
  • Respiratory System
  • The Earth System
  • Heat and Thermodynamics
  • Erosion and Weathering
  • Chemistry
  • Cells
  • Motion
  • Plants
  • Circulatory System
  • Light
  • Genetics
  • Musculoskeletal System
  • The Ear and Sound
  • Earth and Life History
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Digestive System
  • Ecology
  • Engineering and Design
  • All Sample Articles
  • Diversity of Life

    organism, environment, environmental factors, characteristic
  • Don't Hate on the Trait

    genes, trait, heredity, variation
  • We're All Different

    inherit, mutation, genetic variation
  • Life is a Competition

    competition, Thomas Malthus, Principle of Populations, be suited
  • A Competitive Nature

    coexist, niche, advantage, environmental pressures
  • How do Living Things Change?

    genes, mutation, proteins, trait
  • The Story of Corn

    natural selection, teosinte, selective breeding, artificial selection
  • How to Build the Fastest Slide of All Time

    kinetic friction, static friction, lubricant
  • Kung Fu Vectors!

    force, magnitude, direction, vector
  • Friction: When Two Worlds Crash!

    friction, microscopic, rough, material
  • How to Bungee Jump Off a Bridge

    spring, elastic, compression, tension
  • Babysitting Rocks

    balanced, rest, net force, inertia
  • Keep it Moving

    unbalanced, equilibrium, constant velocity, acceleration
  • Why are Planets Round?

    gravity, sphere, planet, star
  • Spinning Inside a Soccer Ball

    centripetal force, acceleration, circular motion, orbit
  • Space Tug o’ War!

    mass, gravity, orbit, velocity
  • When a Meteor Hits Your Spaceship

    collision, transfer of energy, action, reaction
  • Matter Changes

    solid, liquid, gas, plasma
  • If You Were Made of LEGOs

    matter, mass, atom
  • Drawing an Atom

    nucleus, protons, electrons, neutrons
  • Loosening the Lid on a Pickle Jar of Atoms

    Rutherford, model (a representation), Bohr's model, orbital
  • Atom + Atom = ?

    atoms, compound, combine, molecule
  • Putting Away the World’s Blocks

    elements, property, physical property, chemical property
  • Solid!

    solid, lattice, repeating, pattern
  • Invisible Helpers

    carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen
  • Sit Still!

    Kinetic Theory of Matter, molecules, molecular motion, absolute zero, energy
  • It's Not Magic . . . It's Just a Phase

    phase, melting point, freezing point, boiling point
  • Gas - The Crazy Kids

    collide, independent, pressure, volume
  • Getting Molecules to Sit Down

    connected, vibrate, attract, repel
  • Waiting For Water

    attractive forces, fluid, condensation, flow
  • The Best or the Worst Gift?

    carbon dioxide gas, dry ice, graphite, diamond
  • Science Fiction or Science Fact?

    Jules Verne, Arthur C. Clarke, H.G. Wells
  • Proving Invisible Things Exist

    atoms, microorganisms, magnetism
  • Floating in Space

    star, orbit, galaxy, solar system
  • Types of Galaxies

    galaxy, spiral, elliptical, irregular
  • The Milky Way

    Milky Way, star, rim, location
  • How Hot is Your Star?

    temperature, black-body radiation, Kelvin, surface temperature
  • Stars Live and Stars Die

    protostar, red giant, nebulae, white dwarf
  • How Far to the Next Star?

    meter, AU (astronomical unit), light year, interstellar
  • Star Power!

    energy output, joule, joules/sec, luminosity
  • Bouncing Light off the Moon

    reflect, phases of the moon, solar eclipse, generate
  • How to Start a Star

    born, gravity, compression, outward pressure
  • Ancient Astronomers

    telescope, astronomy, wanderers, constellation
  • Planets Don’t Make Circles

    elliptical, circular, orbit, rotation
  • Your Space Neighborhood

    solar system, rocky planets, asteroid belt, gas giants
  • Your Rocky Space Neighbors

    Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
  • Get to Know Your Gassy Space Neighbors

    Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus
  • Where do the Stars End?

    relative distance, intergalactic, universe
  • How to Catch a Space Rock (you can't)

    asteroid, comet, meteor, dwarf planet
  • The Trip Around the Sun

    period of revolution, tilt of axis, orbit
  • Other Earths

    Goldilocks zone, light years, ideal conditions
  • Inflating the Universe

    redshift, space-time, Cosmic Microwave Background
  • Nothing Lost, Nothing Gained

    chemical equation, reactant, product, chemical reaction
  • Make Something New!

    chemical reaction, compound, atom, conservation of mass
  • How to Make a Model Volcano

    baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, vinegar, acetic acid, carbonic acid, unstable
  • Heat Going in or Heat Coming Out?

    endothermic, liberate, absorb, exothemic
  • If I Freeze or Boil You, You Won't Change?

    freezing, boiling, physical change, chemical reaction
  • Tearing Apart Water!

    acidic, neutral, basic, solution
  • Finding the Lost Pieces

    weight, mass, human error, gas
  • Instant Cold Packs!

    instant cold pack, ammonium nitrate, dissolve, endothermic
  • Making Plastic

    crude oil, polymer, polymerization, biodegradable
  • Carbon Based Life

    carbon, bond, carbon based life form, backbone
  • Opposites Attract

    ionic bond, cation, anion, electron
  • Carbon Atoms are Great Dance Partners

    covalent bond, valence electrons, electron shell, shared pair
  • Molecules for Life: You Need Sugar

    photosynthesis, stored energy, carbohydrate, sugar
  • Molecules for Life: Fats are Good?

    lipid, fatty acids, cell membrane, adipose tissue
  • Molecules for Life: What are Directions Made of?

    nucleic acid, DNA, genes, proteins
  • Building Ammonia

    nitrogen, hydrogen, Lewis Structure, pyramidal

Immune System

is currently still in the works...

Our writers and artists are working frantically on articles for this unit.
We'll let you know when we have some launched.

  • Archimedes’ Principle vs Lions and Crocodiles

    buoyant force, volume, displaced, Archimedes’ Principle
  • Invisible Push

    fluid, net force, upward, weight
  • Electricity for Electric Cars

    coal, power plant, emissions, alternative fuel
  • Bringing it Back

    renewal, biodiversity, erosion, water purification
  • Safety for Scientists

    beaker, scale, microscope, responsibility
  • The Motor Effect

    current, electromagnet, magnetic field, right-hand rule
  • Making a Magnet with Electricity

    core, coil, turn of wire
  • How Records Work

    waves, vibration, distortion, analog
  • The Digital Advantage

    waves, noise, binary, transistor
  • Reflex

    stimuli, sensory neuron, interneuron, motor neuron, reflex
  • What Do Lungs Do?

    oxygen, carbon dioxide, exchange, respiration
  • Water Doesn’t Just Fall From the Sky

    humidity, weather patterns, clouds, dew point
  • The Air Around You is REALLY Pushy

    atmospheric pressure, front, high pressure, low pressure
  • So Hot, it Moves

    convection, density, expand, contract
  • Water Everywhere!

    surface runoff, transpiration, groundwater, accumulation
  • Under Your Feet

    magma, asthenosphere, lithosphere, mantle
  • The Ground is Moving Right Now?

    plate tectonics, ridge, trench, subduction
  • See the Light

    electromagnetic spectrum, radiation, absorb, scatter
  • Light Hits All of Us Differently

    equator, orbit, axis, rotation
  • Rain or Shine?

    weather, climate, atmosphere, seasons
  • How to Mess Up Your Hair

    uneven heating, wind, Coriolis effect, convection
  • The Story of The Boat Full of Rubber Duckies

    surface ocean current, deep ocean current, global conveyer belt, gyres
  • Your Very Own Pet Water Drop

    water cycle, evaporation, condensation, precipitation
  • Connect the Circles

    biosphere, geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere
  • Energy in Different Clothes

    waves, heat energy, kinetic energy, potential energy
  • How Stuff Gets Hot

    caloric, heat flow, energy, transfer
  • Music is Energy You Feel With Your Ears

    matter, disturbance, vibrate, oscillate
  • Light That Heats

    photon, radiation, infrared, space
  • Feel the Burn

    consume, contained, released, fuel
  • Heat in Motion

    convection, fluids, convection current, density
  • Heat That Shakes

    conduction, insulator, collision, conductor
  • How Hot?

    temperature, alcohol thermometer, mercury, average kinetic energy
  • Break it and Move it

    weathering, erosion, water, wind
  • Breaking Rock Without Force

    chemical weathering, oxidation, hydrolysis, acidification
  • The Force it Takes to Break Rock

    mechanical weathering, force, ice wedging, salt wedging
  • Erosion

    transport, deposit, sediment, scree
  • Water vs Dirt

    rainfall, surface water, slope, topsoil
  • Wind vs Dirt

    sandpaper, dust storm, sandstorm, dunes, polish
  • Ice vs Rock

    freeze-thaw, glaciers, U-shaped valley, abrasion
  • Break Something, Build Something Else

    constructive, deconstructive, deposition, sedimentary rock
  • The Ocean Moves Stuff Too

    waves, ocean currents, hurricane, dredging
  • Sometimes Earth Just Can't Sit Still

    Catastrophic, Tsunami, Earthquake, Landslide
  • Earth: The Feature Presentation

    feature, landscape, topography
  • They All Fall Down

    creep, mass wasting, landslide, rockfall
  • The Shape a River Makes

    gorge, delta, alluvial fan, V-shaped valley
  • Taste

    salty, sweet, bitter, sour
  • BASE-ketball

    acid, base, pH scale, litmus test

    living, non-living, organism, cell
  • Let's See What You're Made of

    unicellular, multicellular, composed, microscopic
  • Different Kinds of Building Blocks

    plant cell, animal cell, similarities, characteristic
  • Things Get More Complicated When You're Older

    division of labor, stem cell, develop, differentiation
  • Keeping Us Alive

    balance, homeostasis, function, specialized
  • Little + Little = Bigger

    organized, tissues, organs, organ systems
  • The Language of the Cells

    chemical reactions, enzymes, synthesized, proteins
  • You Know You're a Plant if You...

    cell wall, chloroplast, large vacuole
  • Inside the Chloroplast

    chlorophyll, absorb, carbohydrate, pigments
  • Using the Sun's Energy

    chemical energy, sunlight energy, photosynthesis, chloroplasts
  • We Live off of Plant Waste?

    mitochondria, cellular respiration, glucose, break down
  • MOVE IT!

    motion, speed, distance, velocity
  • How Far is Far?

    units, expressed, meters, kilometers
  • MOVE FASTER (or slower OR turn...)

    acceleration, change in velocity, maintain, m/s2, meters per second squared
  • How Fast Are You Going?

    initial (speed), final (speed), instantaneous (speed), constant (speed)
  • Measuring Speed

    elapsed, time interval, distance interval, average speed, average speed=d/t
  • Falling From The Sky

    terminal velocity, drag, friction, free fall
  • Where Are You Going?

    reference point, position, in relation
  • V is for Vector

    vector, magnitude, value, direction
  • How to Make a Seed

    pistil, ovule, ovary, pollination syndrome
  • How To Make One Plant Into Many

    asexual reproduction, self pollination, gamete, generate
  • Different Kinds of Plants

    autotrophs, moss, algae, ferns
  • The Birds and the Bees

    fruiting, flowering, pollinator, pollinate
  • People and Plants

    ovary, ovule, sperm, pollen
  • Boy Plant Parts

    pollen, stamen, anther, filament
  • What Goes Into Photosynthesis?

    carbon dioxide, chlorophyll, photosynthesis, oxygen
  • Living Energy

    energy, capture, mitochondria, cellular respiration
  • What is a Red Blood Cell?

    red blood cell, oxygen, carbon dioxide, blood,
  • In The Blood

    red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, plasma
  • We Get Around

    blood vessels, arteries, veins, capillaries
  • I Heart You

    atrium, ventricle, aorta, blood pressure
  • Things That Go Wrong With Circulation

    coronary circulation, heart attack, blood clot, stroke
  • Ride the Light Wave

    visible, properties, invisible, matter
  • Light, Pass It On

    transmit, absorb, refract, reflect
  • Why Matter Matters

    scattering, diffusion, opaque, transparent
  • Types of Light

    visible light, electromagnetic spectrum, frequency, range
  • The Mirror

    beam, angle, angle of incidence, critical angle
  • Refraction

    medium, index of refraction, prism, transparent
  • Take A Picture

    camera, video camera, photograph, impression
  • Beneath What We Can See

    microwaves, radio waves, infrared
  • Above What We Can See

    ultraviolet light, x-rays, gamma rays
  • Afterimage

    afterimage, oversensitive, primary colors, detect
  • The Parts of a Wave

    trough, crest, amplitude, wavelength
  • Black Holes

    black hole, event horizon, collapse, supermassive
  • Your Eyes Are Beautiful

    rods, cones, retina, photosensitive ganglion cells
  • How Do I Look?

    nature, nurture, traits, environmental influences
  • Where Did I Come From?

    heredity, offspring, genes, instructions
  • Things That Show and Things That Don't

    alleles, inherited, dominant, recessive
  • Yellow + Blue = Green, But Genes Aren't That Simple

    blending theory, influence, genetic switches
  • Gregor Mendel

    gregor mendel, pea plants, punnett square, material
  • Genetic Disorders

    genetic disorders, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, Down Syndrome
  • DNA

    DNA, double helix, spiral , sequence
  • Cloning: We've Been Doing This Forever!

    cloning, nuclear transfer, GMO, ban
  • What Are Bones For?

    frame, protection, bone marrow, osteocyte
  • Connective Tissue

    connective tissue, cartilage, ligament, tendon
  • Messed Up Muscles

    strain, cramp, muscular dystrophy, atrophy
  • Broken Bones

    broken bone, calcium, scoliosis, osteoporosis
  • Making Mummies

    sodium, resin, CT scan, x-ray
  • They Work Together

    support, force, joint, contribute
  • The Outer Ear

    pinna, ear canal, auditory system, cartilage
  • Inner Ear

    semicircular canals, cochlea, organ of corti, auditory nerve
  • The Middle Ear

    eardrum, ossicles, transfer, pressure
  • Fossils

    fossil, fossilize, sediment, fossil record
  • Different Kinds of Fossils

    body fossil, trace fossil, mold fossil, cast fossil
  • Fossil Fuels

    fossil fuel, oil, coal, carbon dioxide
  • Evolution Explosion

    complexity, Cambrian Explosion, exoskeleton, endoskeleton
  • How to Study Earth

    geology, core sampling, sequence, layer
  • The End of the Dinosaurs

    climate change, catastrophe, meteor, mass extinction
  • Live, Laugh, Love

    anaerobic, aerobic, photosynthesis, oxygen
  • How to Start Life

    primordial soup, meteor impact, comet
  • Tic-Toc-Time

    geologic time, eon, era, period
  • How People Became People

    fossil record, bipedalism, extinction, diversity
  • Uh... What did you say...? The continents MOVE?

    Alfred Wegener, fit of the continents, continental drift, pangea
  • How Fast Do The Continents Move?

    plate tectonics, geologic time, lithospheric plates, supercontinent
  • How To Shake Like An Earthquake

    seismometer, epicenter, p wave, s wave
  • From Liquid Rock To Solid Earth

    volcano, distribution, ring of fire, fissure (mid-ocean ridges)
  • Heat Makes Things Move

    convection, current, density, fluid
  • Do All Volcanoes Go BOOM?

    cinder cone, shield, composite, eruption
  • Earth Soup

    crust, mantle, inner core, outer core
  • Moving Plates, Moving Furniture

    transform boundary, strike-slip, San Andreas fault, San Francisco earthquake
  • Land Factory

    divergent boundary, sea floor spreading, mid-ocean ridges, create
  • Buildings vs Earthquakes

    absorb, base isolators, flexibility, transmit
  • The Mouth

    digestion, saliva, enzymes, digestive system
  • What is Taste?

    taste buds, olfactory sense, papillae, microvilli
  • How to Get to the Stomach

    esophagus, windpipe, peristalsis, mucus
  • The Stomach aka How to Make All Food Look the Same

    acid, chyme, pyloric sphincter, churn
  • Small Intestine aka How to Soak up Food

    liver, pancreas, absorption, villi
  • Large Intestine aka the Dryer

    feces, removal, rectum, anus
  • Nutrients or Why We Can't Eat Pizza For Every Meal

    protein, lipids, carbohydrates, sugar
  • Stop Stealing My Nutrients!

    parasites, protozoa, tapeworm, symbiosis
  • The Sun Powers It All

    energy, sunlight, chemical energy, stored energy
  • Light Energy to Life Energy

    autotroph, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, transferred energy
  • Energy Pyramid

    producers, energy pyramid, consumer, energy loss
  • Webs Are Not Only For Spiders

    food web, balance, resources, food chain
  • What's For Dinner?

    herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, decomposer
  • Can't We All Just Get Along?

    mutualism, parasitism, commensalism, symbiotic
  • What's Your Job?

    niche, role, competition, living space
  • Strength in Numbers

    organism, species, population, community
  • Nitrogen Cycle

    nitrogen, nitrogen cycle, fixation, bacteria
  • When All the Parts Come Together

    ecosystem, biotic, abiotic, habitat
  • Trade Off

    transfer, environment, cycle, matter
  • Hippopotamuses

    sunscreen, territorial, webbed hoof, sonar

Engineering and Design

is currently still in the works...

Our writers and artists are working frantically on articles for this unit.
We'll let you know when we have some launched.


    living, non-living, organism, cell
  • Things That Go Wrong With Circulation

    coronary circulation, heart attack, blood clot, stroke
  • The Mirror

    beam, angle, angle of incidence, critical angle
  • Afterimage

    afterimage, oversensitive, primary colors, detect
  • Fossil Fuels

    fossil fuel, oil, coal, carbon dioxide
  • How To Shake Like An Earthquake

    seismometer, epicenter, p wave, s wave
  • How to Get to the Stomach

    esophagus, windpipe, peristalsis, mucus
  • Energy Pyramid

    producers, energy pyramid, consumer, energy loss
  • Can't We All Just Get Along?

    mutualism, parasitism, commensalism, symbiotic